SailormoonT: Tragedy
Written By Neko Athena^o,o^
Rating: PG-13
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Episode 1
Tragedy Strikes! Usagi and Mamoru break up?

". . .and now for the weather. High winds gusting up to
twenty miles per hour sweep through the Juuban District today,
with overcast skies and a high of fifty-six . . ."

::Haruka clicks off the radio and stands in front of the open
window. Her face is contorted into a painful grimace, and
she squeezes her eyes shut. Suddenly, an icy wind cuts
through her, followed by a blisteringly hot gust. Michiru
lays her hand on Haruka's shoulder, startling her. She turns
to her partner.::

Har. "The wind smells sour, something is terribly wrong,
Mic. "The sea is also contradicting itself, I feel...

::Looking up into her stronger counterpart's face, she is
shocked. A look of such fear was a rare sight on Haruka's
face, and Michiru is disturbed by it. The two stare out the
window, lost in thought.::


Mam. "You two can sure be a handful! Be quiet, everyone is

::Mamoru's face turns bright red as he slowly inches away from
the two drooling girls in front of the bakery. He ducks
inside and breathes a sigh of relief, then pays for the cakes.
He pokes his head out the door, to see if the girls are still
around. He sees them sitting on a bench across the street
from the shop, and can hear them arguing. He exits the shop
and walks over to them.:

Mam. "Here, your cakes."

::The girls, who were in the throes of a fight, freeze. Usagi
was pulling on Chibi-usa's mouth, while Chibi-usa yanked on
Usagi's pigtails. They eye the cakes, then each other.
Suddenly, they snatch the cakes from Mamoru, still giving
each other evil looks.::

Usa. and Chib., teeth clenched "Thank you very much,

::Then, the smell of the fresh cakes overrides their rivalry
and they dig in. Mamoru sighs again, and sits on the bench
beside theirs.::

Mam. "I can't take you two anywhere without a fight ensuing!"

::Chibi-usa and Usagi, now finished with the treat, rush to
Mamoru's side.::

Usa. and Chib. "We're sorry, we promise, no more fighting!!!"
Mam. "Oh, very well, let's go."

::Everyone stands up, Usagi with her arm around Mamoru's, and
Chibi-usa holding his other hand. As they stroll down the
street, vendors shout and stores display their wares. Despite
the bright sun and season, the weather has been strangely
chilly. Up ahead, an old woman is selling perfume.::

Old W. "Smell as fresh as the Autumn breeze, or sweet as the
first flowers of Spring! My perfumes last longer than all
others, and don't smell too strongly! Come, and see for

::Usagi approaches the old woman's cart, breathing deeply.::

Usa. "Wow, what beautiful aromas!! Lilac, how sweet!"
Old W. "Hello there, young lady! What a beautiful young girl
you are! And this fine, handsome young man with you! Is he
your boyfriend?"
Usa., blushing slightly "Well... *giggle*..."

::She looks up a Mamoru lovingly, to see him looking off into
the distance trying to ignore the situation entirely. At his
side, Chibi-usa stands with her arms crossed, smirking.::

Old W. "Oh, I didn't mean to embarrass you! Here!" her yellow
eyes flash "I have something special for you, young lady."

::Usagi looks on in wonder as the old woman pulls a red velvet
pouch from her pocket. From inside it, she pulls a beautiful
glass perfume bottle. The glass is cut like a big crystal,
and shimmers in all the colors of the rainbow when it catches
the sun. Usagi's eyes grow huge and sparkle with the

Usa. "Wow, it's beautiful! Like a Diamond!"
Old W. "It is called 'HeartAche'. Here, smell!"

::She takes up the bulb and squeezes it, and a gentle mist of
scent sprays from the bottle in front of Usagi's face. The
light aroma plays around her head and she breaths deeply.
Suddenly, she begins to cough.::

Old W. "Oh, I'm sorry dear!"
Usa. "*Cough, cough!* No, it's all right, I...*a-chooo!*...
just breathed in too deeply. It does smell beautiful!"
Old W. "So, since you like it so much, why don't you take it,
as a gift?"

::A glazed look overtakes Usagi's eyes as the mist settles and
dissipates in the air.::

Usa. "Oh, no, that's fine, I . . .haven't got a use for it,
Chib., shocked "What, Usagi turning down a gift!? This is not
Old W. "Please, take it, I insist."

::Usagi smiles, a very sad, gentle smile.::

Usa. "Oh, you are too kind. If you insist, it would be rude
of me to say no."

::The old woman smiles as she slips the bottle back into the
velvet sack and hands it to Usagi. She takes the sack
carefully and stares at it in her hands for a few minutes.::

Mam. "So, are we ready to move on?"
Chib. "Yeah, this is getting boring, and Usagi is acting
weird. She just ruins every outing we have together,
doesn't she?"

::She looks up with puppy-dog eyes at her future father, and
talks in a dramatically pathetic voice.::

Chib. "Let's go, Mamo-chan, and leave her behind!"

::Usagi suddenly squeezes her eyes shut, then looks down into
Chibi-usa's eyes. She smiles faintly.::

Usa. "I'm sorry, Chibi-usa. I didn't mean to ruin your day."
she looks up at Mamoru "I apologize to you as well,
Mamoru-sama, for inconveniencing you. I'll just see myself

::Usagi bows respectfully, and turns to leave. As Mamoru
looks after her, confused, Chibi-usa smiles triumphantly, and
pulls Mamoru down the sidewalk. Behind them, the old woman
enjoys her own smile of victory, and pushes her cart down an
old alley and disappears before the dead end.::


::The old woman reappears, still pushing her cart, on a
distant mountain, far away from the Juuban district of Tokyo.
She picks her way among the crumbling columns and broken
statues. Suddenly, she straightens from her bent posture
and throws off the raggedy garments she had been wearing.
Underneath, she is no longer old and feeble; she is now a
tall, slender young woman with bright yellow hair. Her pale
yellow robes are held at her shoulders with black clasps
resembling leaves, and studded with yellow jewels, her black
belt the same. The robes hang to her knees. Her long hair
is drawn into four ponytails; one on each side of her head,
one on the very top, and one hanging down at the back.
Glittering jewels and beads are strung on the tips of these
ponytails, matching the color of her hair and eyes. She
ceases to push the cart, and walks ahead, into one of the
fallen-down temples scattered across the mountainside.
Once she enters the temple, she raises a hand to the sky
and speaks.::

Young W. "I am Alecto, 'She who sleeps not', and by my
power may she be kept awake by feelings of self-doubt
and grief!"

::Across from her, in the back of the temple, two other
girls stand in the shadows on either side of a huge black
marble basin. The dark, murky water within begins to stir
and spin. A mysterious, sinister voice comes from the


*{End Episode 1}*

chapter 2

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