Inuyasha’s Unbelievable Winter
Written by Lady Ice-Cream
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Chapter 1

Inspired by episode 19 “Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!” episode 23 “Kagome’s
Voice and Kikyo’s Kiss” and episode 48 “Return to the Place Where We First Met”

One cold winter a lot of stuff happened, so rest and relax while I tell you the
story of Inuyasha’s Unbelievable Winter.

One day Inuyasha, Inuyashi, Sango, Miroku, and Kagome were at staying at Kaede’s
house because it was snowing hard.

‘How long is it going to snow like this? I’m tried of being in here with Inuyasha
and his girlfriend. She gets on my nerves and I’m tried of these prayer beads being
around my neck’

She thought while looking out the window and pulling at the prayer beads.

‘They look so comfortable sitting there by the fire in my blanket, and just look at
that she’s asleep in his arms
like a baby and he’s blushing too! At least Sango and Miroku are happy together they
are under my blankets to, but I don‘t mind them using it.
I knew I shouldn‘t have bought two blanket because Inuyasha would want to use one.
Well, ever since they confessed their love to each other.
They were by the fire next to Inuyasha. They are sitting side by side with their
girlfriend in their arms.’

Then she stopped pulling the beads and looked at the two couples and looked back out
the window.

Kaede: Something wrong with ye Kagome.

Kagome: Uh. No, nothing’s wrong Kaede.

Kaede: Doesn’t seem like it. Ye seem depressed, is it because of Inuyasha and Inuyashi?

Kagome: …No!, of coarse not! Why would it?

Kaede: Because ye might be jealous of them?.

Kagome: No. But can you do me a favor?

Kaede: I guess, what is it child.?

Kagome: Um, can you take these prayer beads off me?

Kaede: Sorry child, but only she can take them off.

Inuyasha: Keep it down over there! Inuyashi is sleeping over here!

Miroku: Yeah Sango is sleep to, so keep it down please.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha with a sad face and then with a angry face and said “Sit.”
But, she forgot that the prayer beads were on her and she made herself Sit. Inuyasha
and Miroku started laughing really hard and Inuyashi and Sango woke up.

Inuyashi: Inuyasha, sweetie what’s going on here? What is so funny?

Inuyasha rolled on the floor laughing. Then he stood up and calmed down to tell her
what happened. But Miroku was still laughing.

Inuyasha: Well, Kaede and Kagome were talking and me and the monk told them to keep
it down before they wake you both, and then Kagome said Sit because she thought that
the prayer beads were still on me and she made her self Sit.! And you should have
seen it! It was to funny!

Then he bust out laughing, and fell on the floor really hard, rolling on the floor
holding his stomach. The monk could barely breathe. Kaede helped Kagome up and
Kagome started to cry. She hid her face in her coat that was on the floor and she
was silent so that they wouldn’t hear her.

Inuyasha and Sango: We don’t see what’s so funny.

Miroku: I-It would have been f-funny to you if y-you both saw i-it. He managed to
say through his laughter.

Kaede: Don’t mind them Kagome. It will be alright.

Then someone knocked on the door and they stopped laughing. Kaede went to answer it
and opened the door.

The Person at the Door: Where is Inuyasha? I want to see him and his girlfriend.

How do you like this chapter? Can you guess who is at the door? Next chapter coming.

chapter 2

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