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Well, before this story begins, I suppose you should know exactly what point in time every anime is coming into play at. Well, here's the list:

Dragon Ball GT: Both Vegeta and Goku have tails, but Goku is not dead yet. During some peaceful weekend or something, so Trunks isn't on Capsule Corporation duty.

Inu-Yasha: Kagome and Inu-Yasha have just defeated Mistress Centipede, and the elderly Kaede has announced that Kagome is Kikyo's reincarnated form. Since the prayer beads were put on Inu-Yasha, whenever Kagome says "Sit," Inu-Yasha comes crashing to the ground.

Magic Knight Rayearth: The war over the Pillar is over, the Knights have re-visited Cephiro and are fully-armored in their most advanced stages.

Ah! Megami-sama (Oh My Goddess!): During "The Fourth Goddess" manga series, when Peorth is obsessed with Keiichi.

All-Purpose Cultural Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku: Before Episode One, when Nuku Nuku has not yet met the Heavy Industries, but knows of her amazing abilities.

Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon: During Sailor Moon SuperS.

Chapter One

Bulma groaned as yet another small explosion occurred in the distance. Her husband and her oldest friend were sparring furiously yet again, destroying the lawn and her garden. The aqua-haired women knew it would be fruitless to try and stop the two Saiya-Jins, so she kept on working diligently, in the yard (for supervisional purposes), on a new invention.

A few crackles of a couple wires didn't bother her, but when the machine suddenly exploded in a gigantic flash of bright blue energy, Bulma knew the results couldn't be good (other from messing up her hairstyle).


Kagome sighed as Inu-Yasha continued scolding her and cursing the prayer beads around his neck, for the young black-haired girl had accidentally said "Sit" after he came down out of his tree for some food; the phrase sending him crashing to the ground in a near earthshaking facevault. Pretending not to hear the half-demon's rantings, Kagome began nibbling a piece of bread and looked around the beautiful forest. The trees' leaves rustled gently in the breeze and the sky was the clearest blue. If not for Inu-Yasha's continual complaints, Kagome might have fallen asleep.

All at once, a brilliant blue light surrounded the unlikely couple. Inu-Yasha promtly shut up and his eyes grew wide, as did Kagome's. All at once the two felt like they were floating, and then they realized they were leaving ancient Japan.


Madoshi Clef, Supreme Sorcerer of all Cephiro, sighed in happiness as the silence of the forest surrounded him. Ever since the magical land had resolved its feud with the neighboring countries and had taken up a court democracy instead of the pillar system, Cephiro and its inhabitants had been at wonderful peace. Ahh, the sweet silence, Clef thought to himself--


--is so violently shattered.

The small madoshi sighed as he saw the three Magic Knights bound up the hill, glorious in their final armor from the war of the pillar, and exasperated with joy at finally seeing their friend and sensei again. In spite of himself, Clef put on a warm smile and stood to greet the three girls. Hikaru, as always, was the first to reach him, but was closely followed by both Umi and Fuu.

"Konnichiwa, Master Clef-san!" the red-haired warrior exclaimed. Clef tried his hardest not to whack her on the head with his staff- he had always had trouble doing that to Hikaru- she was just so happy all the time. Umi, however, could be down-right annoying. Clef still didn't know why he had secret half-affections for the loud, obnoxious blue-haired teenager.

"It's so good to see you again, Master Clef-san," Fuu said politely. "I'm so happy about the new system."

"Hai, me too," Umi added to Fuu's comment. "It's working so much better than--"

Umi was cut off as a glaringly bright blue light surrounded all four figures. Clef gasped. In all his 745 years, he had never seen some spontanious collection of random energy like that. However, it was more than just energy, as the four would soon find out as the small madoshi and the three Magic Knights were flung through trans-dimensional space.


"Hmm. Keiichi-chan should be home soon," Peorth said to herself as she waited for her love to come home so that she could try to fullfill his wishes once more.

Of course, Keiichi Morisato was Peorth's love. Peorth wasn't Keiichi's. The troubled goddess still had that pesky yet unbelieveably amiable Belldandy to contend with. She finally got tired of just sitting and waiting for Keiichi to come home, and Peorth went inside.

Urd and Skuld were both present, along with Belldandy, who was humming some tune and sweeping the floor. Urd was trying to make a potion of some sort ("But please don't spill anything on the floor," Belldandy had said politely), and Skuld was watching TV.

"Don't you ever stop cleaning, Belldandy?" Peorth asked as she entered the room, irritated with the friendly goddess's perfection.

"Yes. I'm not cleaning all the time, Peorth-chan. I only clean when I feel Keiichi-chan would want me to do so. I'm only here to do everything he may want me to do," Belldandy replied with a warm smile. Peorth grunted and sat down next to Skuld on a cushion.

All the sudden, a bright blue light filled Keiichi's living room, and the four goddesses were moved through dimensions, squealing all the way.


Nuku Nuku brushed pink hair off of her face with a giggle as she continued vaccuuming the proffessor's apartment. For once, she was all alone, since her little Ryu-chan and his father were out doing some father/son thing. Nuku Nuku's substitute tousan had told her to clean the apartment while they were gone, and the cat-girl had obediently and happily agreed.

As she turned off the vaccuum and was about to start on some dishes, a very bright blue light filled the whole apartment, and the android teenager squealed as she was lifted off her feet and transported to a whole different world.


"USAGI-CHAN, SHUT UP!!!" Rei screamed at her friendly nemesis. The dumpling-headed blonde stuck her tounge out at the shinto priestess, and Rei returned the favor.

"ACK, DAMARE!!" Makoto and Minako exclaimed, temporarily quieting both of the tempermental girls. Ami cleared her throat and continued with her explanation of the brand new communicators. Luna and Artemis were having some private time with eachother and had gone to the park, and Mamoru was shopping with Chibi-Usa.

"So anyway, the electrical transmission would be much clearer because--AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" The blue-haired genious was interrupted as a gleaming light filled the room of the Shinto temple. All the Sailor Senshis screamed as the light from another dimension enveloped them.


The explosion had died down, and to Bulma's immediate surprise, she had not been harmed in the least. Vegeta and Goku had promptly stopped fighting when the explosion had gone off, but kept their distance from the huge blue blast.

Bulma's surprise at not being harmed wasn't her only surprise. As she opened her eyes, she realized that she was surrounded by a bunch of really odd-looking people that she didn't know. They all had genuinely confused and startled looks on their faces. Here's what the shocked Bulma observed:

A teenage-looking boy in a pink kimono-like outfit with long, white hair, golden eyes, cat ears and sharp teeth; A black-haired girl in a school fuku with grey eyes and some kind of marble or stone around her neck;

A very short, 10-year-old looking boy with lavender hair, huge blue eyes, a golden headress which was studded with jewels and a blue horn, many, many long robes which were about three times his own height in length, and a 7-foot-tall staff with some kind of creature's head on it; a blue-haired girl with exquisite blue and black armor (including but not limited to thigh-high white boots, a blue cape, a blue, headband-like headress with two white pointed pieces coming from behind each ear, and a black leotard), a red-haired girl with stunning red, white, and gold armor (which absolutely defies decription; if you want the pic, email me; but she does have a red cape and a really complicated red and gold crown); a blonde-haired girl with green eyes and glasses, who also had green and gold armor, which was also beyond words;

A pink-haired teenage girl in a high-school fuku;

A preteen-looking girl with a long black pigtail and a weird dress, who had odd jewelry on and a colored shape on either side of her face; a deeply tanned woman with white hair, a very tight shirt, and a short skirt who also had two colored shapes on her face; a young woman with a long brown ponytail, a dress, and odd jewelry, and shapes on the sides of her face; a woman with a long black ponytail and a shape on either side of her face, a black bikini bottom, a tight, midriff-revealing black sleeveless shirt, a strip of leather fabric with buckles on either end, which seemed to hang in midair and curled around the woman's shoulders and arms, black, tight, biking gloves, and odd jewelry;

A blue-haired teenage girl in a blue high-school fuku; a blonde teenage girl with a blue school fuku and a red bow in her hair; another blonde teenage girl with her hair bundled in "dumplings" on her head and long ponytails, also wearing a blue high-shcool fuku; a black-haired teenage girl with a black and grey prep school fuku; and a brown-haired teenage girl with her hair in a ponytail, wearing yet another high-school fuku (blue, of course).

Bulma took a deep breath, and slowly let it out.

*Note: This story hasn't ended yet! Bulma has told me that she is not going to contince it! If you like to come up with an ending please feel free to email them to me at thanks^.^ Lilly-chan*

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